The Artists

Robbin  and Warren  are artists, travelers, and sailors. Their lives have been filled with the kinds of experiences we all dream of. The influence of living and creating with the island people of the world for more than 25 years is represented in their work.

They have an abstract aesthetic that mixes contemporary sensibilities with the primitive in an exotic way that makes the statement, why be ordinary? As with Oceanic cultures, the materials for their adornments come from land and the sea.

Warren and Robbin have designed and created several beautiful lines of jewelry using the natural elements that they have collected while sailing the South Pacific. With the participation of local craftsmen, they have utilized the products that nature provides in the South Pacific: bamboo, coconut shell, sea glass, red coral, pearls, ebony, sea urchin spines, fossilized walrus ivory, buffalo horn, polished bone, fossilized coral, and simple shells from the sea. Each piece is elegantly designed and handcrafted.